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Generate new revenue, attract EV driving customers and staff and achieve your sustainability goals.

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More EV drivers are expecting to charge at work

Enhance your brand image to attract and retain your workforce by incentivising staff to charge at work. Achieve sustainability goals by offering customers location charging and set your own tariffs to stand out from the competition. Electrify your business and plan for a renewable future with VOLLT!

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Empower your Business

VOLLT are EV Empowerment Experts certified by the Government Office for Zero Emissions Vehicles (OZEV) on a mission to provide world-class EV solutions for all companies who are passionate about sustainability. VOLLT take care of the whole EV enablement ecosystem from strategy, solution design, installation, management, energy provision and finance. No matter how big or small your organisation, we have a solution for you.

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Cutting-Edge EV Solutions

Install future-proof products and ensure you receive the highest quality support, maintenance and aftercare. VOLLT Chargers are compatible with all vehicles and give you access to the most critical reporting functions to assist with generating revenue from charging. Generate a positive ROI with VOLLT; we provide a solution that is right for you. Look for a charger here.

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VOllt App

Designed to Integrate

With the best Cloud management system available in the industry, the VOLLT App, makes it simple to customise charging stations to meet your business requirements. Our integrated platform offers you built-in telematics; power management software; roaming; no matter how many chargers you own or operate, the VOLLT App will manage them all.

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Reduce your Carbon Emissions

Take advantage of our built-in telematics, which assists you with maintaining and optimising your green fleet. Working with VOLLT will enable your business to upgrade and scale naturally, while having access to the most impressive Cloud-based EV management platform in the UK, giving your business the commercial advantage.

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Get the solutions you need to succeed

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Upgrade your EV charging solution with the most intelligent EV charging solution available for your business. With real time charging analytics, 99.8% system uptime, built in fault finding, tariff management and much more, it is safe to say you will not need to look elsewhere. 

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Whilst EV implementation is important for businesses, the journey doesn’t end there. It is important to ensure consistent maintenance and regular system checks to ensure your chargers are working at optimum performance. Take advantage of our monthly maintenance contracts which include quarterly hardware inspections, detailed diagnostics and cleaning/replacement of inefficient parts. In a world where electrification is becoming the social norm, you are in a prime position to offer a solution.

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VOLLT provide you with a multi-fronted solution that benefits businesses, customers and employees, making the VOLLT solution a very lucrative opportunity.  There are various solutions available to monetise your EV charging ecosystem - you could offer the solution free-of-charge to staff members as an employee perk and offer paid charging to customers in the evening, or charge everyone who uses the chargers at a reduced tariff. Contact our EV enablement team for more information.

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Corporate social responsibility and sustainability are on the agenda of small and large businesses across the UK - with a focus on finding a solution that not only evolves the business, but enhances it to the next level of mobility. VOLLT are experienced sustainability experts with an ambition to enhance as many businesses as possible with EV enablement solutions, providing staff, customers and clients with infrastructure that works for them.


We’ve created a handy ROI calculator, that comprehensively and accurately illustrates how much you could earn in terms of profit (after costs and government incentives).

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Empowering Business with EV Charging Income

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