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Are you taking advantage of home charging?

Driving an Electric Vehicle is inevitable, especially with a GLOBAL pledge to reduce carbon emissions.

Charging at home could be seen as a chore for EV drivers where it should be viewed an advantage. Have you considered integrating your EV charger with Solar or battery storage or are you taking advantage of green energy tariffs? No matter how you prefer to charge, VOLLT have various solutions to meet even the most demanding EV requirements.

Electric Vehicle (EV) Home Charger

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The VOLLT Kratos Home Charger has been rigorously tested to ensure optimum performance. It meet all standards for safety, and are approved by OZEV (Office for Zero Emissions Vehicles).



Reliability – The VOLLT Kratos Home Charger has been rigorously tested to ensure optimum performance. It meets all standards for safety, and are approved by OZEV (Office for Zero Emissions Vehicles). Sustainability – In partnership with Ecologi, we have pledged to plant trees for every charger installation. Durability – The VOLLT Kratos Home Charger is 250 times strong than glass, totally protected against dust and water, corrosion proof and tested to extremes of -30°C to +50°C. Warranty – The VOLLT Kratos Home Charger comes with a three year warranty to give you peace of mind. £1,199 includes installation of the Kratos home charger on a brick or plaster wall, or other suitable permanent structure. Up to 15m of cabling clipped externally between the distribution board/electric meter and home charger. Cable run through a single wall of up to half a metre thickness. The cable clipped flush to the wall at a height of up to 6ft, running above the ground. including Standard Installation (After OZEV Grant Funding) What is a standard installation? A standard installation includes the cost of a 7kW charger with a cable run under 15meters to be fixed flush to the wall (cable not trenched or hidden behind walls, through joists, under tiles/carpets/floorboards, aerial or subterranean runs), in compliance with current wiring regulations and the IET Code of Practice for Electric Vehicle Charging Equipment Installation. It also assumes that correct electrical connections and protections are available on the property, and that no civil works or electrical remedial works are required.

1 review for Electric Vehicle (EV) Home Charger

  1. Sean Ball

    Really happy with the charger and the service

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Set yourself up to win with VOLLT EV charging

Designed to offer the best EV charging experience, be confident that a VOLLT EV charger at home not only charges your car efficiently, it will sync with the best green energy tariffs available, saving you some serious money. Benefit from smart features, auto on/off features, analytics and more. Don’t be a dinosaur, charge smarter with VOLLT!

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Unlock your Charging Potential

Unlock incredible charging capabilities with our fast home charging solutions. With speeds between 7kw and 22kw which can add up to 80 miles an hour to your battery. Why would you need to charge anywhere else? VOLLT chargers are compatible with all EVs and come with a comprehensive 3 year manufacturer warranty.

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Save money with OZEV

VOLLT EV chargers qualify for the Office of Zero Emission Vehicles home charge grant, this could save you £350 per charger installed. Grant schemes are only available for a limited period of time, fill in our questionnaire to see if you qualify for the grant at your home, if not, contact us for alternative options.

EV Installer

A brand you can trust

Your home is your castle and to ensure you are offered the best possible solution book your installation with VOLLT today. With our network of fully qualified and registered EV installers available nationwide, you can be confident that VOLLT will be there when you are ready to power into the future.

EV Installer

Charging your EV at home has never been easier

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VOLLT Online

You have the most powerful integrated EV enablement system at the edge of your finger tips providing you with a considerable amount of features to help you understand EV networks. Sync your charger to our EV platform to access chargers anywhere across the UK, balance your chargers' electricity output and check system analytics and health.

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Access 1000's of chargers across the UK and plan your journey through the VOLLT App platform. It is simple enough to include 2 or 3 EV charger top-up stops along your route. Never miss a meeting or deadline, charge online and anywhere there is a VOLLT EV charger.

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Smart Technology

VOLLT chargers optimise with the smartest integrated EV software platforms available for EVs. The VOLLT App is run by OCPP 2.0 - a platform that enhances your charging experience. With the VOLLT App all your charging requirements are in the one place, there is no need to have multiple accounts with alternative suppliers. We do that all for you through our platform. Make charging simple with VOLLT.

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