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What you need to electrify your fleet

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Partner with EV Fleet charging Experts

To successfully implement an EV charging Ecosystem, partner with EV experts who offer you a full end-to-end solution and peace of mind. VOLLT provide hardware, software, installation maintenance, system training, telematics and aftercare. The priority is to deliver your project on time and within your estimated budget. Whether you are currently contemplating the scope of your requirement or you’re ready for the PILOT phase, VOLLT can help.

Vollt Solution

The VOLLT solution

VOLLT offers you years of experience and knowledge in planning and implementation of EV charging infrastructure and work with a network of over 100 fully qualified engineers nationwide. Our full turnkey solution includes initial EV charger layout and design, site planning and scheduling, construction and setting up system functions. VOLLT gives you the confidence to build your business fleet from the ground up.

Vollt Solution
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Designed for growth

There is one way to ensure your business grows as your EV fleet increases, VOLLT chargers are designed and built to scale up from EV pilot to full implementation. VOLLT EV charging solutions are the only charging solution you will need to ensure full EV enablement meeting the needs of the most demanding fleets. Integrate your system and take advantage of the most reliable solution to scale your business.  Contact VOLLT for more information about our FLEET solutions.

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Manage your fleet through integrated software

VOLLT integrates with existing fleet management systems you would rely on for daily operations giving you additional system security as you develop your fleet - a great charging experience starts with seamless hardware and software integration. VOLLT ensure you're achieving full electrification goals as soon as possible. Our fleet enablement process provides you with the solution you will need tomorrow, TODAY. 

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Minimal Disruption

VOLLT understands that charging is critical for electric fleets. As it stands, you are guaranteed the best equipment, highest installation standards, guaranteed system uptime (99.5%), reliability and continued uninterrupted operational service, no matter how large your fleet gets. Ensure you are charging forward, leave the rest to VOLLT.


We’ve created a handy ROI calculator, that comprehensively and accurately illustrates how much you could earn in terms of profit (after costs and government incentives).

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Empowering Business with EV Charging Income

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‘EV Chargers: A Buyer’s Guide’

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