How to charge your EV with VOLLT

VOLLT offer you the most convenient charging solution on the market, anywhere you are and across our network of charging partners. When you create an account with us on the VOLLT App it is like putting the keys in the ignition of your EV for the first time, joyous. We provide you with an immersive charging experience that is managed by configured analytics specific to your charging patterns. Manage your charging efficiently with the VOLLT App.

There are 2 ways to start charging with VOLLT on all our public chargers:

  • 1. Tap your phone on the the VOLLT App, make sure you are signed in, or this doesn’t work (from experience)

  • 2. If you have an RFID card, tap this on the VOLLT logo to begin your charging session.

Once you established how to start charging, follow these steps:

  • Then you will need to pull the EV plug from the charger mount

  • Plug the Charger in your EV socket on the car, ensure that it is locked ( you will hear a slight click noise)

  • When charging is complete, unplug the Charger cable and return it to the main unit, it is common EV etiquette to ensure charger cables are not left on the floor as this could prove to be hazardous.

  • An email will be sent to you with a receipt for your charging session, information about the session can be found in the VOLLT App.

Man holding in hand power cable supply ready to plugged in into charging port.

Once complete you should be ready to tackle the wide-open road again, hope you had the opportunity to sneak in a coffee while you were waiting. Happy ECO-Driving.


Ensure your vehicle is locked when charging your vehicle.

Ensure you follow EV charging etiquette and move on once your EV is fully charged, this is so other users can start their charging sessions.

If you notice a charger you have pulled up to is reported as 'offline', this means it is not in use.

Continue to care about our environment. Every new EV driver matters.

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