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Giving you the key

Understanding how to charge an electric vehicle is simple. How do you take a charger and make it smarter with the vision of creating a network you can also monetise ready for the future of electrification?

With the smartest and simplest EV platform available in the industry, the VOLLT App provides you with solutions you didn’t know existed

Efficiency stems from integration with technology - and the VOLLT App is the key.

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Complete EV charging Ecosystem

The VOLLT App brings the next generation in EV charging technology with an unfathomable feature set, compared to available alternatives. Access built in telematics, energy consumption reports, scheduling, charger management and minor fault maintenance.


Smart Energy Management

Set your platform to work with integrated energy monitoring and scheduling, manage your charging tariffs, optimise peak and off-peak charge times and much more. You can use some or all of the VOLLT App's feature set to enhance your customer experience and journey: the opportunities are endless.

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Payments and billing

The VOLLT App provides payment solutions based on your company requirements: whether you offer paid charging as an option to customers or have set tariffs, your payment and billing options are set to optimise your EV charging ecosystem while generating additional revenue.

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Feature packed, Simple to operate

Give your business competitive edge with VOLLT App integration. Manage who uses your chargers, who has access to special tariffs and provide access to staff who have EVs. Download the app from Google Play or the App Store for the ultimate EV user experience.

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Operations and Management

Control your charging infrastructure from anywhere in the world and ensure each site is working to the utmost level of efficiency. Resolve minor charger faults using custom notifications and with the click of a button. Checking the live/offline status at each site, depot or workplace is simple through your secure independent logins. Power your workforce effectively with the VOLLT App.

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Payments and Billing

When you choose an EV network for your company you have the opportunity to monetise your fleet through development of integrated technology. The VOLLT App integrates with your billing system and offers you the ability to charge customers, staff, visitors or the general public who use your system. You are in control and have the ability to set your own tariffs or even offer free charging to drive traffic your way. The opportunities are substantial and incredibly beneficial. 

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Smart Energy Management

Beneficial to both fleet operators and business owners, Smart Energy Management is an effective tool to schedule and manage energy consumption. Plan your charging patterns using state-of-the-art analytics to determine when it would be most cost effective to charge your fleet vehicles and then schedule your VOLLT chargers to operate at maximum capacity for the duration, utilising the best energy tariffs that day.

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Easy to Use Platform

The VOLLT App is a full EV operating system designed to make processes as simple as possible for both businesses and drivers. Once you are set up as an operator, you have the commercial edge. Provide your staff with an access code to the VOLLT App to benefit from your tariffs or free charging solutions in the workplace. It is as simple as sending an email with the link, they then access it, fill in the details, plug in and charge. The advantage? They can use your VOLLT App platform to access any charger on our network. Efficiency is the key to success.


You are one step closer to accessing the smartest EV charging Eco-System, take the next step and evolve your business and EV offering with our bespoke and unique solutions.

Software doesn’t have to be complicated; it should be as simple as fuelling your car. Power up with VOLLT.

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