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When it comes to purchasing and driving your new EV, remove the concern of range anxiety or charger compatibility with VOLLT. Download our app and join the fastest growing EV network in the UK.

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Drive Anywhere

Find a place to charge and find available chargers in real-time. Search by price, charging speed and location. Start a charge from your phone or use your online account to activate your charging session and see how much money you’re saving through the VOLLT App. 

Public Charging station for electric cars in a parking lot

One account to manage them all.

Access stations from VOLLT and other major providers, and manage all your EV charging accounts in one place. Gain access to over 20,000 places to charge your EV nationally - a number which is increasing daily! Where else can you charge at home, at work, around town and on the road on one platform?

Public Charging station for electric cars in a parking lot
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Setting up your Digital Charge Card – CH+RGED

CH+RGED card is the easiest way to charge your electric vehicle (EV) with a VOLLT or affiliate station. There’s no need to carry a card — all you need is your VOLLT App account and your phone. Find out how to set up your CH+RGED card on the Drivers blog page.


Get in touch now to find out how our dedicated team of EV Enablement experts place you at the centre of your EV enablement journey.

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