VOLLT Carbon Pledge 2021

Announce new operational climate pledges to accelerate and implement, plan and tackle climate change.

Carbon Pledge Vollt

Committed to Zero Carbon

VOLLT are the first committed Carbon Zero EV Enablement Experts putting Sustainability as our No.1 core value!

We are passionate about the environment, educating people and businesses about sustainability and their options. VOLLT provide solutions that help businesses to prioritise sustainability, electrify their transport infrastructure and be more environmentally responsible. Our mission is global outreach and to encourage the adoption and implementation of a carbon neutral society. 

Close-up smart car (EV Car) charging battery via plug connect of


In summer 2021, we committed to plant 20 trees for every new EV charging infrastructure installation. In partnership with leading climate change experts and charities globally, our partners have planted over 10 million trees. Check out our public sustainability profile and watch our trees grow!

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