Staff with EVs are ecstatic when their employer is Carbon Savvy

How do you empower your employees?

Every decision you have made to this point is credible, you have assessed the requirement for EV charging whether it be for staff use or enablement of EV fleet operations, you are heading in the right direction, what remains a factor is how you would introduce this new technology to staff.

Similar to a tree EV has many branches and offers many unique opportunities, here are some handy tips on how to enable your EV ecosystem with minimal disruption.

1) Assess the need for charging at your company

An employee survey is a perfect place to start assessing the demand for EV charging stations. Ask employees whether they  own an EV and where they charge it, or if they’re considering buying an EV and if access to charging at work would make them more likely to. Based on how many employees already drive electric or express interest, you can start to plan your charging.

2) Plan ahead to meet future demand

Base your initial EV offering around your employee survey results, but also plan for about 5 to 10 percent of employees to have plug-in electric vehicles within the next few years. If you’re constructing a new building or located in a place with high  EV density, plan for 10 to 20 percent of employees to drive EVs. You should also prepare for an increase in the number of employees driving EVs by making additional parking spaces “EV Ready” with conduit and electrical wiring. If your location doesn’t have enough electrical capacity to charge all employee EVs at once, consider Power Management to eliminate the need for costly upgrades.

3) Create smart access and pricing policies

Create an EV charging policy that is easy to scale beyond the first EV driver so that you can accommodate more people over time. A networked EV charging solution will help you maximise station use by making charging easy for the drivers you  want to charge (employees only, or members of the public), as well as give you the control to set fees that are fair to drivers but will encourage them to move on after they’re done charging.


4) Keep employees happy with networked charging

As you offer EV charging, more employees will drive electric, and your stations will get busy: people might even start showing up to work earlier to get a charging spot (I’ve seen it happen!). Fortunately, networked EV charging lets your employees get in line to use a station, check charging status from their phones and get updates when they’ve finished charging, making sure everyone can stay focused on doing work instead of getting a charge. (Not that it hurts for people to come in early!)

5) Make your life easier with networked charging

Networked charging isn’t just better for employees, it’s easier for you, too. As an HR or facilities manager, you can use your  VOLLT dashboard to see how many employees are charging, manage energy consumption to reduce costs and quickly check your emission reductions. You can also monitor stations remotely and adjust charging fees to keep stations in use.

So, what is a networked charging system and how will it benefit me?

We are looking directly into the renewable revolution, be it small organisation or large fleet organisations with thousands of vehicles, every organisation is looking at their renewable positioning and strategy. 1 remaining factor has come to light and this is incredibly important to ensure you future proof your fleet and not 1 company has ever said they would prefer a charger “to just do the job”. Electric mobility is not enigmatic however incredibly simple when you synchronise it with a system that manages the entire process for you.

Connected today, powering tomorrow.

Much of the technology we rely on in our daily lives is connected. A few of the devices, computers and phones would not work unless networked. Everyday items such as lights, thermostats and security cameras are becoming smart. Smart homes increase the value of property when investors are looking to purchase. These smart devices have the potential to save us money and keep us safer. As their adoption continues, we’ll wonder how we ever got along without them. Take GPS navigation apps such as Google Maps for example, they have been commonly available for just slightly over a decade, yet today most people can’t imagine traveling to an unknown destination without them.

The future is in your hands.

The coming revolution in transportation is going to be massive — and it will be mainstream before you know it. How do I know? Because, here at VOLLT we are challenging tomorrow and looking for means and ways to improve not restrict the e- mobility sector. Hesitation only places you one step behind the competition and without strategy you will find yourself compromised to various available and incredible solutions available to your business.

When it comes to e-mobility, choose a partner that understands and creates new platforms for organisational growth and improvement. Stagnant technology is no good to your business, charge smarter not harder and let VOLLT manage the rest of the process for you.

Learning from the past, investing in the future.

Today, there aren’t any good reasons for an organisation to spend money on non-networked charging stations, but there are plenty of bad ones and many transportation companies are struggling with assessing the market and developing a strategy to re-invent the wheel, so to future-proof your investment, it will be crucial to stay on top of the latest technology—both when you choose a charging partner, as with many of the tools that make our lives easier today, connectivity will be integral. When you’re planning for the future, it pays to learn from lessons from the past.

Curious about how your company can master the transition to electric mobility? Then you have come to the right place. VOLLT are innovators with extensive experience in disruptive and emerging technology– we develop EV charging solutions that suite your business. Now we want to help you master the transition.

Propel towards the future of EV enablement with VOLLT.

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