Electric Car Myths – Dispelled

You might be thinking that electric vehicles are not for you or your business, but the facts may surprise you. We have debunked some common myths about EVs for you!

Myth 1: Electric cars don’t have the juice to take me as far as I need to go

Most car journeys in England are not actually that long, with 99% of all trips being less than 100 miles. This is easily covered by the standard EV battery. Battery technology has advanced so rapidly in the past 10 years, with over 20 vehicles easily capable of making trips of up to 270 miles on one charge. We can only look forward to even more efficient batteries in the next few years.

Myth 2: There aren’t enough charging stations

You may feel like there aren’t that many chargers in the UK, but actually there are more EV charge points than petrol stations! There are over 25,000 public charge points in the UK with almost 5000 rapid chargers – and this number is growing every day, with 500 chargers being added every month.

You may notice EV charging points available for free at your local supermarket or retail park, and many fuel stations also offer electric charging too. This is in addition to chargers you can have installed at your workplace, meaning that you can charge your car while you are in the office, charge your business fleet, or offer employees the chance to charge their electric cars at work. In fact, all Vollt chargers are part of an Open Charge Point Protocol. This means that with the VOLLT App, you can find nearby charging points and also get notified when your car is finished charging.

Electric car EV charging point

Myth 3: Charging the battery takes too long

A lot of EV battery charging can be done on an eco charger overnight or while parked for long periods of time. But you can actually charge the battery by 80% in just 25 minutes using a rapid charger – this is something that Vollt can offer for your business. See our charger options here.

Myth 4: Electric cars are too expensive

Many people picture a £100k brand-new Tesla when they think of electric cars. In fact, there are so many different car manufacturers producing EVs, so you are sure to find vehicles to suit all budgets and requirements. The Volkswagen e-Up is just £23k brand new, and other comparable electric cars such as the Vauxhall Corsa-e starts from £30k. Also you can enjoy government incentives for purchasing EVs for business, as well as getting 60% of the charger installation costs covered by the OZEV grant. 

You can save on fuel too –  EV charging costs just a fraction of petrol or diesel per mile. Fuel costs are currently at an 8 year high, and are likely to increase over time. You can save on vehicle maintenance – less moving parts in an EV engine mean less chances for things to break, and brakes wear out more slowly on an electric vehicle, so brake pads and discs won’t need replacing as often. You can also enjoy cheaper road tax, no congestion charges and no fuel duty!

Myth 5: Batteries need replacing too frequently and cannot be recycled

Currently, batteries in EVs last for around 100,000 miles, or 8-10 years, and with this technology advancing rapidly, their lifespan is expected to increase within the next few years. Most EV batteries can also be recycled to minimise waste, including rare elements used in battery manufacture such as cobalt. The Faraday Battery Challenge is focused on improving battery performance and aims to be able to recycle 95% of EV batteries by 2035.

driving an electric car in the rain

Myth 6: you can’t drive or charge electric vehicles in the rain

Okay, so if this were true, the UK couldn’t have any electric vehicles at all! EVs are perfectly safe to drive in all weather conditions. EVS are subject to the same rigorous health and safety specifications as fuel powered vehicles. Charging is not an issue in the rain, as long as the manufacturer’s instructions are followed and the charging cable is not damaged.

Now that you know the facts about electric vehicles, you can make more informed choices about using EVs for your business. You can find out more at vollt.io, or get in touch on 0303 300 1006 and info@vollt.io.

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