5 great reasons you should invest in electric vehicle charging for your business

Having electric vehicle (EV) charging points in your company car park might sound like a high-tech investment, but in an age of sustainability and electric mobility, can you afford to get left behind?

Adoption of EV’s is increasing at a phenomenal rate. To put this into perspective, sales of EVs tripled in 2020, with 108,205 pure-electric vehicles being introduced to our roads! Why the rush to electrify, you might ask? The growing selection of affordable EVs to the market with improving ranges and free-falling battery prices combined with masses of government funding might answer your question. In a market once dominated by luxury offerings from companies like Tesla, affordable offerings from family favourites like Nissan, Renault and Honda have meant that the average cost of a non-luxury EV currently has dropped to only £26,000!

Market newcomers like the Volkswagen ID.3 RRP at just £27K after applying the government grant.

Electric vehicles are cleaner, greener and trendier than their dinosaur-fuel counterparts. They are cheaper to run, cheaper to maintain, better for the environment and better for you. And they symbolise that you, as a motorist, value the environment at a time of growing concern about the impact of climate change on future generations. It is cooler than ever to be green and small wonder that EVs are historically so popular amongst footballers, actors and musicians!

Since the advent of the pandemic, a heightened sense of conscious consumerism is a growing trend. With over 61% of consumers reporting that they have made a conscious effort to reduce their use of single-use plastics, the trend towards sustainability is too clear to ignore. The public are growing increasingly conscious of their individual contribution to our environment, and trends in EV adoption are projected to increase exponentially throughout the next decade.

So, you might wonder what all of this means for you as a business? Well, quite simply, more EVs means an increase in demand for EV charging points. Unlike traditional fuelling, which happens exclusively at petrol stations, EVs can be fuelled at the workplace, at home, at the golf club, restaurant or even the supermarket.

“The public are growing increasingly conscious of their individual contribution to our environment, and trends in EV adoption are projected to increase exponentially throughout the next decade.”

Paul Luen, CEO VOLLT

Having the facility to charge EVs in your car park immediately says two things:

You, as a company, support green business initiatives and care about the environment.

You, as a business, have your finger on the pulse of the growing needs of your customers and workforce.

If this is sparking some fireworks for you, as a forward thinking business, scroll down for the feature of this article!

Here are our 5 great reasons you should invest in EV charging for your business:

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Reduce your carbon footprint!

The UK is on track to reach its net-zero CO2 emissions target by 2050. This means pressure for businesses to exercise green business initiatives is gradually going to increase over time. By supporting EV charging at your place of work, you are taking a big step towards making your contribution as a business in the race to net-zero!


Increase your footfall!

EV drivers are always looking for somewhere to plug-in, and apps such as Zap-Map help them to locate charging points. By having EV charging points, you are immediately on the map, and desirable clientele are parking themselves right at your front door. The presence of EV charging points may well be the reason they choose to visit you over your closest competitor!


Make More Money!

There’s a golden opportunity to increase your revenue by monetising your EV charging infrastructure. Even if you didn’t go down this route, customers who are charging their EVs will spend more time at your business while they wait, meaning you have more opportunities to showcase your proposition and maximise how much they’re spending!


Attract and retain people!

Demonstrate you are proactive and forward-thinking in your policies by providing your workforce and visitors with the means to charge their EVs, rather than providing lip service. By creating solutions for the people involved in your business, you are making a statement about caring for their needs before they have even made it through the front door.


Build your brand image!

Sustainability forms a big part of the corporate social responsibility (CSR) agenda, and if your company is serious about boosting its credentials with effective CSR initiatives, EV charging infrastructure should be at the top of your list. Failing to include effective green business policies may prevent your brand from gaining the credibility it deserves!

IMPORTANT: Government funding to help you to cover the costs of an EV charging infrastructure is due to expire. If you would like advice on how you can gain funding funding for >60% of your costs, get in touch with our team now.

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