Are there enough charging stations for electric cars?

How many electric vehicles are there in the UK?

With an estimate of over 477,000 purely electric vehicles now on the

UK’s roads, are there enough charging stations for electric cars? Clearly, not all EVs are going to need a charging point at the same time, but at a ratio of just over 13 EVs for every charging point, it’s obvious that the UK’s EV infrastructure still requires improvement when it comes to the number of charging stations, and that’s something that VOLLT can help with.

The need for charging stations is only going to increase

We’re quickly transitioning from the age of Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) vehicles into the era of the EV. And in our view, not a moment too soon. Governments, businesses and consumers around the world are looking to tackle the climate crisis in whatever ways they can, and prioritising EV use is one of the most important areas to tackle. In other words, if you think there aren’t enough charging stations now, then how about in five or ten years, when EVs have become the dominant vehicle type?

In fact, reports have found that sales of electric cars are currently accelerating quicker than the introduction of new charging points, meaning that ratio we mentioned previously (that 13:1 figure) isn’t being reduced, if anything, it’s actually growing. If the UK is to successfully phase out the production of new ICE vehicles as it wants to within the next decade or so, then the production and installation of EV charging points needs to ramp up significantly, whether that be at home, in areas without designated parking, or at the workplace.

Are there enough charging stations for electric cars?

It’s easy, when you read statistics, to interpret them as representing the whole picture, to see a number and think that’s the case for everyone everywhere, to see them as one homogeneous data set.

In reality, though – and particularly when it comes to EV charging points – it’s a different story. What do we mean by this? Well, certain areas of the country skew the data (thanks to their many more charging stations to number of EVs) to suggest that stations are more plentiful across the country than they actually are.

London is one such area. The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) indicates that London has a ratio of 10 charging points to every 1 EV, which, although still not ideal, is still significantly better than the 49:1 ratio of charging points to vehicles in the East of England, or the 43:1 ratio in Yorkshire and Humber.

Put simply, the situation for the majority of the UK is far worse than that ratio we originally quoted suggests. There aren’t anywhere near enough charging stations for EVs in vast swathes of the country. By installing charging points at your business or home, however, you can help redress that balance.

Why you should consider workplace EV charging

Another issue currently facing the UK EV industry is that the charging points that are available are often impractical for everyday use. You’ve probably seen the countless rows of charging stations at motorway services, but how helpful is that for most people from day to day? Sure, it’s helpful if you’re going on a long-distance road trip up or down the country, but what if you’re simply commuting half an hour down the road?

Plentiful workplace EV charging does two things. Firstly, it incentivises EVs for your employees, making the proposition of purchasing an EV a far more attractive one. Secondly, it enables employees to charge their vehicles more easily, rather than just at home – a particularly desirable option given the rapidly escalating cost of living in the UK. That latter point only applies if you offer your charging points free of charge, of course.

Even if you don’t monetise the use of your charging stations, there are still potential savings to be made in other ways

As a company, transitioning from a fleet of ICE vehicles to EV vehicles is going to save you a lot of money in the longer term, particularly given how the price of conventional fuels (petrol and diesel) has skyrocketed in recent times. EVs cost less to maintain than ICE vehicles and are cheaper to run per mile, whilst variable supply tariffs can help reduce energy bills even further. In short, you can make significant savings as a company by installing infrastructure for EV vehicles, before you even consider monetising your charging stations.

But you absolutely can create a revenue stream from your charging stations if you want to. The level at which you want to do this depends on your business needs, the financial status of your employees and your company’s longer-term economic model. An added bonus is that it drastically improves your brand’s appearance, to one that’s modern, innovative and progressive.

Get your ROI estimate now

Certified by the Government Office for Zero Emission Vehicles, VOLLT is on a mission to revolutionise the UK’s EV charging infrastructure, one station at a time. If you want to see how much revenue your business could generate from having EV charging points installed, just fill out one of our easy estimate forms, here!

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