Empowering businesses with EV Charging income

VOLLT are experts in helping organisations monetise EV Charging Infrastructure. We help explain in plain English how EV Chargers can generate new revenue streams and secure maximum grant funding. 

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Maximise Your Profits

Curious about EV Charging ROI? We empower commercially minded businesses who see the revenue opportunity EV Chargers bring. See how much profit you could generate with our ROI Calculator.

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Elevate Your Brand

Your car park is the first thing your visitors see. Make sure you give the right first impression by showing visitors you're a forward-thinking, sustainable and responsible business.  Contact us to discuss EV empowerment for your business.

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Grant Funding

Receive Government funding to cover up to 65% of the costs of installing EV chargers for your business. Our experts can help you to understand what funding may be available to you.

EV Empowerment

We empower commercially minded business who see the revenue opportunity that EV Chargers bring.


Compatible with all major manufacturers

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Small Vollt Charger


Wall Mounted Smart Charger

Designed to offer an enhanced user experience for business and drivers, the KRATOS charger is truly one of a kind when it comes to charging technology. Manufactured with the customer in mind, KRATOS offers integration with the VOLLT App, the EV charging platform of the future. KRATOS is packed full of features that will simplify your EV charging experience.

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Pedestal Mounted Dual Smart Charger

Incredibly sleek in design, KRATOS offers brilliant features that amplify your EV platform including a built-in meter for an accurate financial settlement, the ability to charge up to 40 range per hour per socket and built-in integration with the VOLLT App so no matter what your EV strategy for business is, with KRATOS you are covered.

VOLLT Duo 2 EV chargers
Rapid Charger

Rapid Chargers


The crown jewel of EV charging technology, the RAPID EV charger is built specifically for Fleet operators, Local Infrastructure improvements or Depots. RAPID offers you the choice of 3 charging ports, CCS1, CCS2 and Chademo socket which can maintain all your EV requirements. Power your fleet and top up in no time with lightning speed.

Curious about EV Charging ROI?

If you want to monetise on EV charging, whilst also boosting the perception of your brand, you are in the right place.

Speak to our experts today and find out more about how your business can generate new revenue streams and benefit from the latest Government grants.

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Empowering Business with EV Charging Income

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